Hallo welcome to PA2JF.nl

Here you can find out what Ham Radio means to me and which part of the hobby i especially like.

Im not a great QSO-er, i don’t do any contests, i live in a part of the country with a lot of QRM; typically about a S9+ so phone is not going te work for me very well. In the past years i learned to like digi-modes to have any use for the Ham radio hobby. For the most i use FT-8 but you can find me in FT-4, VarAC, Winlink and JS8.
Because of the worst QTH ever for our hobby im not a QRP guy, i usually use about 50 till 100 watt of power to connect to stations around the globe. I try to adjust the power with the conditions available. For the digimodes i use a Yaesu FT-987D with my Dell laptop. As a sound modem i use a U5 link from Alliexpres and a external USB sound card; works great.

I also enjoy fixing stuff, i collected a lot of measurement equipment that makes me able to fix almost everything. I love old military radio’s witch i like to repair and let them work. My biggest projects are; SCR 499 and the Radio Air ERB-281. The last project is held now for the need of spare parts so if you have spares of the ERB-281, please let me know.

Beside Ham radio i like to read about the history of the fortifier city of Naarden. I love the city i live in. Im a advisor of the board of the oldest foundation of the region; the fluweelwerkers en zijdeweversbus Naarden. This foundation is the oldest form of health insurance that existed for gild members in the past.

I also like steam engines, old big stationary engines and general technical stuff.

A cool place to be; at the base of the tube-mast of the Gerbrandy-transmissiontower in Lopik NL at 100 meter.

Please find out more about me further on this website.