BC-314 receiver

The radio receivers BC-314 are the superheterodyne type intended for general field usage. They are built ruggedly and are suitable for vehicular, portable, or fixed operation. The receiver are highly sensitive and selective and are designed for the reception of either continuous-wave (c-w) or amplitude-modulated (a-m) voice or tone signals.  The Radio Receivers BC-314,-C,-D,-E,-F,and G. covering a frequency range from 150 to 1,500 kc in four band. Band A 150 to 260 kc, Band B 260 to 450 kc, Band C 450 to 820 kc, Band D 820 to 1.500 kc. All Radio Receivers BC-314  models are for operation from either storage batteries or alternating current (a-c) power source. All receiver models are identical in size, in general external and internal construction and appearance, and in the fundamental arrangement of their electrical circuits.

Frequency Coverage: 150 – 1.500 KHz in four bands 
IF: 92.5 kc 
Tubes: 2 x 6C5, 1 x 6F6,4 x 6K7, 1 x 6L7,1 x 6R7 
Dimensions: 10 Height x 9 1/16 Depth x 18 1/16 inc. 
Weight: 58 lb. 
Power supply:
12-14V with dynamotor DM-21-A 
24-28V with dynamotor DM-21-CX 
Manual: TM-11-850