Radio-Air C.I.T. ERB-281

About the history of the ERB-281 is not much to known. It is the radio-set selected by the German Bundeswehr in 1964 for there new Leopart battletank.

The choice for the ERB-281 is made because Germany was forced to import everything thay needed for there defence. Thay were since the war not allowed to built anything that can use for war. The only other choice thay had was the SK010 from R&S.

The ERB-281 is build bij Radio-Air C.I.T. (later Thomson) as a aircraft radio-set. In the catalog of Le Bourget Salon from 1963 is writen the following;

Radio-Air (CIT), 2-4 Avenue de la Marne, 
Asnieres (Seine), France. Stand B.27. 
Manufacturer of radio equipment, including highfrequency SSB-units as the ERB 281 but also theERB 423 made for ground and air use. Flightrecorder ENB 284 for recording of one communication channel for two hours.
Flightrecorder ENB 285 that uses a double tape to record two communication channels or equal signals.